sponsors and partners

River of Dreams Photo by John Moran

River of Dreams, Fireflies on the Ichetucknee
Photo by John Moran

The Springs Eternal Project is deeply grateful for the support of our partners, contributors, sponsors, co-workers and loved ones.


An affiliate of Alachua Conservation Trust, the Springs Eternal Project has benefitted immeasurably from the guidance and generosity of Tom Kay, Lesa Holder, Chris Burney and Robert Hutchinson.  We thank them for sharing their wisdom, time and resources, and for working to keep Alachua County a place we’re proud to call home.

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Generous support from the Lydia B. Stokes Foundation and the Felburn Foundation has enabled us to continue expanding the Springs Eternal Project’s reach and vision, which includes the 2016 SPRINGS AMBASSADORS CAMP.  We are grateful for our many additional sponsors: First Magnitude Brewery, for holding a very successful “Springs Run” that raised significant funds for scholarships; Blue Springs Park, for their ongoing generosity and support in welcoming us and other educational initiatives to their wonderful site; Waterlust, for donating a percentage of their springs-themed leggings to the camp; Ginnie Outdoors, which continues to give back to the community by supporting springs research and educational outreach; and those who contributed to the Sirena bus campaign. Sirena will be coming to camp, albeit in another form!  We deeply appreciate the support of Akira Wood, as well as Tim, Mike & Kevin from Raven’s Glen and Our Santa Fe River. We’re also proud to partner with Honda of Gainesville, Forage Farm, Wells FargoSwallowtail Farm and the Smithsonian Water/Ways exhibition, where some of our campers artwork will be displayed at the High Springs Museum July 16-August 27, 2016.




We deeply appreciate the Florida Museum of Natural History, principally Doug Jones, Darcie MacMahon and Ian Breheny, for caring enough about the springs to host and help develop the Springs Eternal and Finding the Fountain of Youth exhibits.

Springs Eternal Project partners also include the Regional Transit System of Gainesville, principally Theresa Harrison and Chip Skinner.  We admire their commitment to public service and enthusiasm for new ideas. Their ability to work creatively helped us take the Urban Aquifer from pipe dream to concrete reality.

With abiding gratitude we acknowledge the community of Springs Eternal Project contributors and Urban Aquifer sponsors. Their passion for the springs and willingness to share years of experience, wisdom, research and insight, continue to shape and animate the heart and soul of this project:

Springs Eternal Project website designer:  Shirley Lasseter

Springs Eternal Project website Contributors and Moderators:

Jenny Adler, Lars Andersen, Cynthia Barnett, Karen Chadwick, Bruce Day, Stacie Greco and Alachua County DEP, Jill Heinerth, Eric Hutcheson, Rick Kilby, Dr. Robert Knight, Annette and Mark Long, Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson, Paul Marrafino, Lucinda Merritt, Tom Morris, David Moynahan, Terri Skiles, Margaret Ross Tolbert, Alan Youngblood.


Urban Aquifer Sponsors:

Butler Enterprises

Ginnie Springs Outdoors

Plum Creek Foundation

Quinn Family Charitable Foundation

Linda and Thom Tyler

Betsy Styron and Bob Fulton


The following people have given generously of their time, expertise, talents and resources throughout the entire project:

Rick Kilby

Lucinda Merritt

Margaret Ross Tolbert

Cynthia Barnett

Dr. Robert Knight of the Howard T. Odum Florida Springs Institute

Jim Stevenson

Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson

David Moynahan & Crystal Wakoa

Annette & Mark Long

Tom Morris

Dave Wilson, Cris Costello & Macy Zander, Sierra Club

Lars Andersen

George Tortorelli

Mallory O’Connor

Annie Pais

Stewart Thomas

David Beede

Caron Cadle

Ella Vasallo

Steven Crosby

JJ Buchholz

Jenny Adler

Loye & Barney Barnard

Jim Trebilcock

Jacqui Sulek, Audubon

Pete Colverson


Additional Project Support:

Mark Wray and Rose Meadows, Ginnie Springs Outdoors

Celeste and Hoch Shitama, Running Springs

Kim Davis, Blue Springs

Linda Califf, Glen Springs

Gene Vaccaro, Warm Mineral Springs

Mark Emery

Bill Tippit

Our Santa Fe River


Scott Mitchell, Director, Silver River Museum

Barry University Center for Earth Jurisprudence


Sherry McGowan, Park Manager, Ichetucknee Springs State Park

Sam Cole, Biologist, Ichetucknee Springs State Park

Donald Forgione, Director, Florida Park Service

Ivan Vicente, Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge

Lynne Flannery, Blue Spring State Park

Susan Hutchins, Wes Skiles Peacock Springs State Park


Alta Systems, Inc.

Jon Fletcher Photography

Cheuvront Studios

Flair Pro Color Lab

Light & Motion


Springs Eternal Exhibition Sponsors:

Jim and Benda Gissy

Ken and Linda McGurn

Felburn Foundation

Friends of Wekiva River, Inc.

Jeri Baldwin

Florida Museum visitors


Additional Donor Support:

Anthony Ackrill

Claudia Adrien

Lorraine & Jack Amick

Gregory Anderson

Gary Arthur

Loyce & Marshall Barnard

Charles Barrilleaux

Holly Bird

Bruce & Lisa Boswell

Gary Brooks & T.L. Haskins

Caron Cadle

Christian & Maryse Cafiti

David & Jean Chalmers

Susan Clary

Paul & Josie Davenport

Carol Dicentio

Mike Dickey

Chad Drummond

Brendan Ebersole-Boswell

James & Joan Erwin

Joel Frieze

Paul & Reisa George

Wayne Gray

Greater Gainesville Aquatics Assoc.

Renee Hoffinger

Robert Hutchinson & Meg Niederhofer

Gary Jacobs

Ed & Carole Johnson

Charlotte & Michael Loomis

Lee Malis

Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson & Doug Jipson

William & Marianna McElroy

Mike McNally

Alexis Moran & Joost Houtman

Caitlin Moran & Thomas Martens

Dennis Moran & Betsy Hayford

David Moynahan & Crystal Wakoa

Cathleen Nagler

David Pais

Bob Palmer

Walter & Jean Phelan

Noah Shitama

Doug Spirelis

Jim & Yvonne Trebilcock

Mary Trew & Weaver Gaines

Mark Venzke

Jeff Wade

Dave Wilson


–Lesley Gamble