Ginnie Springs


Polar Smoke at Ginnie Springs, 1997
Photo by John Moran

Ginnie Springs has often been called “the world’s favorite freshwater dive.” It’s no exaggeration. Over the years, thousands of divers from around the world have marveled at Ginnie Springs’ crystal-clear water and startling natural beauty. Visitors enjoy camping, picnicking, river tubing, canoeing, snorkeling and swimming in the sparkling 72-degree spring water.

In 1974, Jacques Cousteau visited our Florida springs and characterized Ginnie as “visibility forever.” But like all of our springs, Ginnie’s waters are vulnerable and its ecosystems are fragile. As Mark Wray, son of the owner Bobbie Wray, comments, “Over the years, I’ve spent more money trying to protect it than I did in the purchase of it. We’ve really fought a lot of battles over the years to protect the water and keep it clean.”

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