why we love this spring

Alexis at Poe Springs Photo by John Moran

Alexis at Poe Springs
Photo by John Moran

Poe Springs

Poe Springs County Park is a great place to spend the day with your family or to just get away from the bustle of life. Relax and soak in the peace of the floodplain forest as you stroll down the long boardwalk to the spring boil. There is plenty of space to find some sun or shade along the river or by the spring itself. Kids and adults alike love to play on the steps leading down to the spring and explore the shallow spring run as the cool water escapes to the Santa Fe River. You too can escape as you float down the river all the way to the Lodge and then follow the foot path along Watermelon Spring to make your way back to the main spring. The Lodge, with it’s gorgeous river views is a great place to host a meeting or event. I wonder just how many people have said, “I do” while soaking in the view.

Springsheds for the Santa Fe River were mapped using detailed groundwater levels and a report describing that work can be found here.


A map of the Santa Fe River springshed for May 2008 is shown below.  In this springshed delineation, the springs are grouped by location.  Many of the springs are close together and individual springsheds overlapped and were not readily distinguishable.  The springshed for Poe Springs includes much of the karst limestone plain from High Springs south to SR 26 and I-75 near Gainesville.  A presentation with slightly different springshed delineation for the Santa Fe River basin springs can be found here.